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Perfectio X

Perfectio X


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The Perfectio X is an innovative red and infrared LED light therapy device, designed to provide incredible anti-aging benefits as well as rejuvenates, tighten and strengthen your skin.


Perfectio X is an OTC device intended to emit energy in the visible and IR spectrum intended to provide topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature for temporary - relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain or muscle spasm, increase in local blood circulation, relaxation of muscles.


The Perfectio X is an FDA Class II medical device.


Lifetime Warranty  


Perfectio X benefits  


 Perfectio X Result | zero gravity skin

Maintaining Perfectio X device:

Cleaning the glass probe after each use is imperative.
To clean the device, unplug it from its charging base it. 
Clean the probe thoroughly using dry cloth, cotton ball or paper towel.
To avoid discoloration, refrain from using sanitizing substances.
Only the device’s glass probe is suitable for direct contact with creams and/or serums.
Misusing the device can lead to discoloration.

Perfectio X Results Satisfaction

Customer Reviews

Big difference

I am pleased with both the Perfectio itself and the customer service I received. Although it was unfortunate I had to pay $70 to return my broken unit, I was treated fairly and respectfully. The return process went very well and took about one week. I can't wait to begin using my Perfectio again tonight. I think it makes a big difference with my fine lines (I'm 61) and my sun spots. I am glad I found this product and am well satisfied.

Perfectio X Really Helps

I used a Perfectio to relieve the nerve pain in my left leg. The origin of my pain was from a bulging disc at L-4/L-5. I previously had a microsurgery to try to fix the problem... it didn\'t work... the surgeon said a fusion was the predictable surgical treatment, but I refused that treatment. Later, I had the site injected and had only two days of relief... another injection will not happen. I then saw a chiropractor and an acupuncturist with very little relief. A friend lent me his Perfectio to use on the site of the nerve impingement and within days the pain down my leg began to subside. I now have a Perfectio unit of my own! I continue using the unit at that site every night. I truly believe it helped me heal.

Amazing !!!!!!!!

I wanted to get a face lift to get rid of my saggy skin. A friend recommended the Zero Gravity device, 6 month later, my skin is firmer and my friends say I look 10 years younger.Can’t thank you guys enough! Its not cheap, but it is cheaper than a face lift!


the best product my skin could get

Big difference immediately!

In my first 3 days, I used it every day with various creams provided by the sellers of the product and some of my own. My skin is tightened, lifted, smooth and so soft, and I mean radically. I also used the 'lavelier advanced marine bio-syringe' with good success. I put it on before I go out and it takes years off, makes a remarkable difference and lasts all night. It gives me self confidence as I grew up living on a sailboat and have tortured my skin and aged terribly. Never have I had results with any treatment or products like these and so quickly. Besides the light therapy, the heat really makes creams and oils absorb deeply and plumps the skin. I know this by looking at pictures of me before and after and I see how it exposed fine white skin lines previously buried in a crease/deep wrinkle that have not seen the sun in a very long time.

For me, the expense was great which just makes me stay on top of using it. I looked up all the products and labeled each accordingly ie., 1 x week, every day and night, 1 x month, after heat mask, etc. So now I am devoted to a skin care regime.

I am glad to sidestep the whole botox, filler program which I was about to dive in to. Instead I am reinvigorating the making of my own collagen. Hopefully this carries me thru my 60's.

I would give it five stars but the cost is what sets it back to 4 stars for me. If money was not an issue, I would give it 5 stars all day long.

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