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Silver Blue Treat Set

Silver Blue Treat Set

Zero Gravity

Regular price S$5,800.00

Inside the pro luxury kit, you get the Perfectio and Sapphire for your ultimate treat.
A combination of red light therapy with blue light therapy for full body treatment and protection.

The Set Includes:
Perfectio device, Sapphire device, 2 charging bases, 2 adaptors, Perfectio user manual, Sapphire user manual, set of UV pointer and yellow lens goggles.

The Perfectio is an FDA Class II medical device.

The Sapphire is an FDA Class II medical device.

Watch Video of Perfectio

Watch Video of Sapphire


Customer Reviews

The best product I have ever tried

It is very easy to use, my skin looks amazing

It is the best

Will recommend this to my friends

Highly impressed

My skin feel and look much better

Amazing device


Really Amazing...

Can clearly see the difference