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SENTO Pure Radiance - Stem Cell Boost

SENTO Pure Radiance - Stem Cell Boost


Regular price S$600.00

N.W 10gr x 2.  For all skin types

With more than 5 million stem cells per gram Zero Gravity, 5 Million Stem Cell Boosting Powder revolutionary formula provides remarkable renewal of epidermis skin cells before surfacing for restorative results that last.

Experience how these microfine capsules turn into the liquid that sips right into the skin at the optimal level of potency for immediate skin nutrition. It helps skin recover its natural balance and youthfulness, restore a luminous complexion and deliver the visible reduction of wrinkles.

Best use: Achieve remarkable results as a standalone treatment, under makeup, or blend it with other skincare products to enhance their performance.

Every morning and evening, gently massage a small amount of powder into cleansed skin using your fingertips.

To boost your current skin regimen, sprinkle a small amount of powder into your palm and blend with any cream and/or serum before applying to the skin.