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Onsen Complete Hands & Nail Care System

Onsen Complete Hands & Nail Kit


Regular price S$107.00

Product Description:

A special, easy way to care for your nails. Including super magic nail buffer, nail file, a one of a kind cuticle conditioner and our own best time seller Hand & Body Lotion. ONSEN's Nail Care Collection is designed for professional nail care; smooth and perfect polish for natural healthy-looking, shiny nails.

Nail Buffer

Onsen Magic Shine Nail Buffer helps remove stains and smooth out the ridges. Onsen nail buffer cleans, buffs, and improves blood circulation to the nail bed for healthy, shiny nail growth, all in 3 fast, simple, non-damaging steps.

Cuticle Conditioner

Using the cuticle conditioner, you soften and massage the cuticle, pushing them back gently. The active ingredients are supported by the mineral-enriched Micro Water Complex, penetrating and nourishing the nail bed to promote the growth of beautiful, strong and healthy nails. Conditioned cuticles add to soft, healthy and good-looking fingertips.

Modern Hand Lotion

Enriched with moisturizers, botanical oils, vitamins and antioxidants to fight free radicals and prevent premature aging of the skin. The Microwater Complex absorbs rapidly into the inner skin layers to renew cells. The outer skin layer is protected and nurtured with moisture that lasts the whole day.